Our cocoa garden

Our cocoa garden


After meeting with the two founders of Marou on a trip to the jungle plantation in Madagui, Lam Dong province, Vietnam, we decided to make a first cocoa garden with 4000 trees on 5 hectares of land, we did select 8 different varieties and start to plant in 2015.

Our goal was to take advantage of the forest, so we decided to plant in an agroforestry system.

2017 extends

After few years of experiencing techniques, we decided to extend the surface, we plant 6000 more trees on another plot

2019 extends

We did a new garden to experience the benefits of agroforestry to save water.

2020 extends

After few years of hard work in the jungle, we should get our first fruting in a couple of months, then will this exiting moment, the making of a new chocolate stamp Madagui Agroforestry.

And the future

If things are going well, we will continue to extends the surfaces.

By the way, we plan to make a nursery to keep our varieties and a processing center. Fermentation and drying facilities.

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