The Making of the Bamboo Bungalow

The Making of the Bamboo Bungalow

Bamboo, a very common material in Vietnam.

Mainly used today for decorative purposes, its use was widespread in the past as a building material.

For this project, we wanted to build an habitat with a maximum of local natural materials and reconnect with tradition.


We found in Madagui some craftsmen, more and more rare who still know this mode of construction with them and the help of Ma ethnic workers, we were able to carry out this project.

For the structure of the building we used bamboo found on the property, for the walls we made a mud and the roof was made of straw.

A maximum of natural materials found locally.

The result is up to our expectations

Not only is the spot beautiful, but the accommodation is healthy. The materials used create a natural bulwark against high temperatures, there is a temperate and ventilated atmosphere inside.

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