About Us


Who we are

Our goal

In the heart of the Vietnamese jungle, we have given ourselves the challenge of creating an innovative plantation. The main components of our project are agricultural and environmental activities, the development of green and responsible tourism, and the enhancement of our products.


Madagui Agroforestry Project is located just a few hours from Ho Chi Minh City in th rural, wooded area of Madagui, on the edge of Cat Tien National Park.

Agriculture and environment

Based on an agroforestry model, the plantation integrates the Vietnamese jungle into its development. Such an approach brings multiple social and environmental co-benefits, contributing to the fight against global warming and the conservation of biodiversity.

Green Tourism

The project welcome visitors in small groups. Discovering rural Vietnam, excursions in the jungle, the motivations that encourage visitors to come here are diverse. The project is also a laboratory of ideas, we receive students, researchers or simply people willing to participate in this adventure and to develop one of the many facets of the project.

Enhancing Products

In order to enhance the plantation’s products, we have created a certification label that brings together our products and a selection of exceptionnal, regional products. This approach allows us to offer a complete range of product for sale by limiting intermediaries.


2008 First steps in the jungle

In 2008 on a trip from Saigon to Dalat we stopped in Madagui, we loved the area and decided to start a farm here. This hilly area is known for its forest, its flora and fauna.

2009 Planting

The project covers 400 hectares of land, half of it is primary forest that should be preserved, for the other half this is agricultural land or degraded forests, on this space we have started to replant heveas trees.

2015 Enhancements of the agroforestry model

We were looking for some kind of plantation that can benefit from the forest. Cocoa trees are growing naturally under canopy, so we did start to grow some.

2019 Sharing, beginning of tourism activities

We are now able to welcome you on our base camp in Madagui. On site we have several bungalows, from there we can take you on a day trip to the jungle plantation.